How To Safely Handle An Eviction

Evictions aren't fun for tenants or landlords, but they can sometimes create a dangerous situation for you or your future tenants. Here are some steps to safely handling an eviction. Make Sure an Eviction Is Necessary There are certain warnings for problem tenants that are required by law. The tenant must be notified when there is an issue that would allow them to be evicted, and then they have a specified amount of time to fix the issue. Read More 

Practical Ways To Stop Losing Your Car Keys

In years past, replacing an auto key was quite simple. However, thanks to technology updates, replacing a key for your car isn't just a more time-consuming process, but it can also be very costly. Avoiding a lost key becomes the main goal. If you have a habit of misplacing your keys, here are just some of the things you can do to minimize this concern. Establish A Habit Consider establishing a habit for when you get out of your car each time. Read More 

Tips For Securing Church Property

If you are the manager of a church, you likely want to make sure that everything that you need for your services and for your church to function properly remains secure. You don't have a lot of income coming in and it can be difficult for you to replace physical objects that have been stolen. Here are some tips for securing your church property. 1. Keep Track of Your Keys Read More 

What Not To Do When You Want A Safer Home

The last thing that you want to do is to leave yourself open to a break-in in your home. It's the one place that you and all of your family members should feel safe. You should also be able to lock your doors when you leave and feel like your belongings aren't in danger of being stolen. There are some things that you could be accidentally doing around your home that can increase the likeliness of your home falling victim to a criminal. Read More 

4 Helpful Tips About Residential Locks

You probably don't give them a lot of thought unless you're stranded without keys and need to call a locksmith, but your home's locks serve a pretty important purpose and should be treated with the respect they deserve. Here are four tips related to residential locks in order to keep your home's belongings, and your family, safe and sound. #1 - Make sure your doors have the best locks possible Read More